The 5 Best Horse Racing Films Of All Time

05/25/2021 1:37 AM |

It’s not easy to explain the kind of pleasure that all horse racing enthusiasts can find in films about this topic. You can imagine that it’s something like living inside that film’s world, more or less like feeling to be the film’s hero riding a powerful horse for miles and miles. Adventure and challenge are the two main keywords that can give you a clue about the feeling for horse racing films.

Why Are Arabs The World’s Biggest Horse Film Fans?

Usually, horse racing films revolve around a dramatic plot that makes the public even more passionate about the film’s story and horse racing as a sport. Now, it’s interesting to notice that Arab people stand out in the world for being some of the biggest horse racing film enthusiasts of all time. There’s a historical reason: horses have been living “hand in hand” with Arabs since the first human settlements in the Middle East (before the era of Islamic invasions in this region). Horses and camels were the only possible means for to reach several cities in the Middle East for merchants and vendors. Those who owned a horse had a fortune in their hands.

Arab people used to breed the best horses to use them as not only means of transportation but also to sell them, which started a flourishing market around these animals. Moreover, Arabs began to use horses for their racing events. Now, it’s simple to understand where the Arab people’s passion for horses comes from!

The 5 Best Horse Racing Films Of All Time

In particular, these best five horse racing films represent a true milestone in the story of cinema in the Middle East. Each film offers a specific perspective of horse racing and the relationship between the horse and the rider. Let’s add that each film comes packed with a captivating atmosphere and a fascinating story set. Let’s get closer to some of the world’s best titles:

  1. A scene of "Grand Prix" Grand Prix
    “Grand Prix” is one of those films that can engage the audience from the first to the last second. It’s a masterpiece of its genre, released in 2010, set in an epic horse racing plot where the protagonist has to fight to reach the race’s finish line. It all comes wrapped with a romantic love story between horse races and stunning moments during the races. The riders are often subjected to injuries as accidents daily happen when riding a horse on a circuit. The film’s story continues until the worst accident can destroy the protagonists’ dreams and makes their project’s future collapse forever. The film tells about their depression and frustration highlighting their force of will to return to their previous life.
  2. Secretariat
    This film generated a total “sold out” in the USA when released in 2010. The film’s story depicts one of America’s best horses, Secretariat. The adventure starts with Secretariat’s early days when he lived at his breeder’s farm. Penny Chenery has to return to her native place after her mom’s death, who had stables for horseracing. She finds herself in a difficult situation as she has never worked as a horse breeder, but despite her little or nothing experience, Penny decides to try her best. If someone would have told her she was going to start an epic adventure with Secretary becoming America’s icon, she wouldn’t have believed at all! But life is unpredictable: Secretariat became the Nation’s first Triple Crowner winner for 25 years.
  3. Ride Like A Girl
    Here is a film released in 2019 and based on a true story. Michelle Payne becomes the first woman to ride and win the Melbourne Cup. The fact happened in 2015: Michelle Payne reached the winning line at Flemington on Prince Of Penzance. The particular point of this film is that Michelle’s brother, Stevie Payne, starred as himself. “Riding Like A Girl” earned a positive audience response as soon as it was released in worldwide cinemas.
  4. Come On George!
    For nostalgic film lovers, “Come On George!” is for sure one of the best titles to consider. It’s a typical comedy focusing on George Formby‘s skills as a horse rider. George has to ride his horse in a race where he falls off endless times. But this is where the film becomes stunning: George can cross the winning line of the race! Despite his non-genius riding, George got a huge success. Before being a horse rider, he was a rider in his early days. Suddenly, George becomes the UK’s most-paid rider and entertainer of all time!
  5. Michelle Payne and her horse The Derby Stallion
    One of the most viewed films of 2005 is “The Derby Stallion”, a horse racing-inspired work that shows all the beauty of horse competitions on the racetrack. The film makes the audience enjoy every single minute from the beginning to the end. It also shows all the pains and suffering that the riders have to go through during the race. The film tells a 15-year-old rider’s story, Patrick McArdle, who doesn’t want to play baseball as his father would like him to do. Patrick is going through hard pressure from his family until he meets a former horse trainer who introduces him to the horse racing world. Patrick discovers the beauty of horse riding as he literally falls in love with everything related to horses. But Patrick still has to face a couple of wealthy riders who don’t accept him in the race, and, last but not least, his trainer gets injured and dies. Patrick wants to participate in the race for him, too. Patrick can win by riding his trainer’s horse. It’s a touching story that will move you.

Horse racing films are exceptionally engaging as they show a world, the one of horses and riding training, that is mostly unknown to most people. That’s why we warmly suggest you all pick a film of this genre and watch it!