09/05/13 9:40pm


Last Wednesday, we celebrated the release of The L Magazine‘s fall fashion issue at Williamsburg’s aptly named Extra Fancy. We celebrated the final days of summer with specialty cocktails, compliments of Absolut Vodka, and about a hundred of our closest friends and neighbors. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated the beginning of fall with us. You’ll find the rest of the evening’s photos after the jump.

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08/27/13 2:43pm


We’re giving you the chance to celebrate invention, creativity and the best of DIY culture at this year’s World Maker Faire, taking place on September 21 & 22 at the NY Hall of Science. We’re giving away three pairs of tickets to meet the most innovative young makers, get the latest on 3D printing, and experience the best of maker start-ups. Plus, you’ll have the chance to pick up indie crafts at BUST Craftacular, build drones and quadcopters, and more.

Sound good?

Here’s how to enter to win:

1. Follow @thelmagazine on Twitter

2. Tweet at us to let us know why you want those tickets!

3. Use the hashtag #lmagmaker

You have until midnight on Sunday, September 16 to enter to win. We’ll announce a winner on Monday, September 17.

Good luck!

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08/19/13 11:16am


There was some buzz abound in Brooklyn last year when signs reading “Untitled John Turturro Project” were posted on President St. in the Orthodox areas of Crown Heights. Last year, DNAInfo reported that both John Turturro and Woody Allen settled on a President St. location after scouting various locations for a “particularly Jewish-looking home,” and were careful to shield the community from the project. It seems that locals cared less about what the film was about rather than who was involved. A local rabbi, after hearing that there were “two Jews filming in the neighborhood,” approached the house to ask that Turturro and Allen to wear tefillin, a ritual garment that men wear during morning prayers.

Turturro and Allen also trod lightly because Turturro’s character in Fading Gigolo reluctantly becomes a male prostitute at the behest of Allen’s character, a failed bookseller-turned-pimp. A more recent DNAInfo post would have you believe that the film’s plot is underpinned by one of his clients, a Hasidic widow, failing to mention that Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergera are involved. But after you watch the trailer, you’ll see that Turturro’s and Allen’s characters are more of a model for lonely, socially inept men rather than desperate, creepy dudes. All to say, I’m very excited for this new feature from Turturro, mainly because he’s an expert in being creepy.

08/02/13 10:37am


This Tuesday, we teamed up with Absolut Vodka to celebrate the release of one of our favorite issues of the year, The Best of Brooklyn. We invited some of our closest friends and neighbors to the backyard of Williamsburg’s Good Co. and toasted to the best that the borough has to offer. The good folks at Pig Island joined us too, and served up complimentary pork tacos straight from a freshly roasted 100-lb hog. Mmm. We can still taste it. Browse through the rest of the evening’s photos after the jump, and to receive invitations to future L Magazine parties and events, click here.


07/17/13 4:00am

The Sampler
234 Starr Street, Bushwick
4 L’s

In a borough with no shortage of weird combination businesses like Take Root (yoga studio/restaurant) and Juice Pedaler (juice bar/bike shop), The Sampler, a combination bar and bottle shop recently opened in Bushwick, is actually pretty intuitive. And all things considered—including the degree to which some of us think of bars as sacred places that should under no circumstances be sullied by something as comparably gauche as a retail business—the owners have done an admirable job of creating a space that maintains a sufficiently homey, comfortable vibe.

Just moments after I walked in late on a Tuesday afternoon, as I began to browse the hundreds of bottles on display, I was greeted by a jovial employee bearing a sampler glass of beer. “Would you like a refreshment?” he asked. “It’s hot outside.” In the glass was Newburgh Brewing Company’s Wild Ace, a hopped-up cream ale brewed with tarragon and mint. The herbal quality was overpowering, but I certainly appreciated the gesture. I sat down at the small six-seat bar (there’s also a smattering of high-top tables) and ordered an $8 flight of four beers: Peekskill Brewing’s Simple Sour, Stillwater’s Cellar Door Saison, Bridge & Tunnel’s Slaughter House Stampede Black Rye IPA, and Evil Twin’s Lil B Imperial Porter. There’s a total of 18 beers on tap, with a focus on the more adventurous offerings from local and regional breweries, but also plenty of the real nerdy shit you’d find over at Tørst. They do growler fills, too, which is a nice thing to find in a bar serving such uncommon beers.

If you’re somehow unmoved by the draft options, the bottle-shop portion of the business offers the perfect out: for a one-dollar “corkage” fee, you can sit at the bar and enjoy any of the bottles they have for sale. Lining two floor-to-ceiling shelving units as well as a huge, bodega-style refrigerator, the selection leans heavily on imports and high-end, lesser known domestics. Nearly every bottle on display gets its own handwritten tag with a thorough description of the beer, a welcome touch given how difficult it can be to decipher the increasingly cryptic labels craft breweries seem to favor.

Food options are fairly limited at the moment. You could grab a small bag of McClure’s chips for $2.50 or a $10 bag of Slantshack Beef Jerky, but ugh… you could also just use that money to buy more beer and then get something more reasonably priced on your way home. There’s talk that they’ll be working with other local eateries on a more elaborate menu in the future, but whatever: whether you’re looking to pick up a nice bottle to bring to a party or set up camp with a group of friends, The Sampler is worth a visit as is.

07/10/13 12:48pm


SummerScreen starts tonight!

Come celebrate the official start of summer at McCarren Park with a screening of everyone’s favorite Seth Green performance, Can’t Hardly Wait. We’re starting the night with a set from Jeffrey Lewis and the Sunny Skies, plus Weed Hounds and Ganjatronics, all presented by SILENT BARN. Thanks to Todd P and SHOWPAPER for bringing music to this year’s SummerScreen! Plus, we’ve added a few more bands to this year’s lineup, including La Misma, Potty Mouth, Hubble and more. You’ll find the updated lineup after the jump.

You know where to find us by now; we’ll be at McCarren Park at the corner of Bedford Ave. and N. 12th St. (right next to the tennis courts). Gates open at 6pm, the music starts at 6:30, and we’ll get the movie started by sundown.

And while we can’t guarantee that your entry will come equipped with slow-motion effects and a Sneaker Pimps soundtrack, we can guarantee that you won’t go hungry. Pizza Moto, Handsome Hanks, Landhaus, Coolhaus, V Spot and Selamat Pagi will be at the park all night, as will Sixpoint Brewery and City Winery. Plus, Starbucks® Iced Coffee, vitaminwater and Crunch Gym will be on site to serve up some complimentary treats. And, we’ll be raffling off a Meatwad piñata, courtesy of Adult Swim. For your chance to win, just give your name and e-mail address at The L Magazine‘s table; we’ll announce the winner right before the movie starts. And join us for the pre-show; before the movie, we’ll show a preview of Childrens Hospital, presented by Adult Swim and Roma, a short film by David Altobelli, presented by 55DSL.

For the full SummerScreen schedule, click here. Have you cast your vote for the final film of the summer? If not, there’s no time like the present. Click here to help us choose which film to play in front of 5,000 of your closest friends and neighbors on Wednesday, August 14.

Thank you to our sponsors for keeping SummerScreen free: 55DSL, Adult Swim, Starbucks® Iced Coffee, City Winery, Sixpoint Brewery, Crunch Gyms, vitaminwater, East River Ferry, Squarespace, Enterprise Car Share, Cinedigm and Zipcar.


Wednesday, July 10
Can’t Hardly Wait
SILENT BARN presents: Jeffrey Lewis and the Sunny Skies, Weed Hounds, Ganjatronics

Wednesday, July 17
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
JMC AGGREGATE presents: Oberhofer, Lodro and Bueno

Wednesday, July 24
The Craft
285 KENT AVE + AD HOC present: La Misma, Potty Mouth, Divorce Money (Dustin of Beach Fossils, Ren of Herzog Rising,
Alex of Dream Diary)

Wednesday, July 31
The Goonies
DEATH BY AUDIO + ENTERTAINMENT 4 EVERY 1 present: Hector’s Pets, The Numerators, Juniper Rising

Wednesday, August 7
SHEA STADIUM presents: Hubble (member of The Men, Zs and Pygmy Shrews), GDFX (member of Liturgy, Man Forever and Guardian Alien)

Wednesday, August 14
Audience Pick!
MARKET HOTEL presents: Aa (aka Big A Little A), Amen Dunes

06/21/13 10:09am

If you really give yourself over to it and fully embrace all the possibilities that four full days of the music portion of the Northside Festival, it can seem like everyone, yourself included, is in perpetual motion: you run from venue to venue, party to party, trying to take advantage of everything. The bands, too, are on tighter schedules than usual, many of them playing multiple times in one day, frantically loading in and loading out just a little while later. Photographer Beowulf Sheehan slowed things down a bit, stealing a few moments with some of the artists and producing some really great portraits.

06/17/13 11:05am


We’ll have lots more photos from this past weekend coming at you over the next day or two, but we wanted to start with one of the final shows of the festival, Solange at McCarren Park as part of Converse Rubber Tracks Live at Northside?. It was everything we hoped it would be: there was dancing, there was singing along, then there was more dancing. And smiling. And sunshine, and then more dancing.


06/11/13 10:03am


Just last night, I found myself thinking about this one time during the 2011 Northside festival when longtime L Mag favorite Luke Rathborne performed a solo acoustic version of Big Star’s unimpeachable “Thirteen” in the backyard of Lucky Dog. It’s one of my favorite Northside Moments ever. We don’t have video footage of it, of course, because ugh, but we do have some great interview footage from that day, where he talks about Morrissey’s hugging policy, plus a stellar performance of “You Ain’t Ever Coming Back.”

I mention all of this right now because a) Northside starts on Thursday, and this seemed like a pretty good excuse to mention that, in hopes that you would buy a badge And, b) because Luke Ratheborne (who now apparently just goes by Rathborne?) has a new video out this morning. The song’s called “Last Forgiven,” and it’s off his forthcoming album, Soft, which comes out on July 15th. It’s got hooks for miles and blends acoustic and electric guitars in a way no one ever does anymore. Video below.