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<Sarah Barrett>

07/04/07 12:00am

Piñeyro’s 2005 Argentinean/Spanish thriller unearths the best of The Communist Manifesto, providing a potent indictment on globalized corporate mendacity and the capitalist power hierarchy. Transitioning seamlessly from the opening split screen — a heady backdrop of anti-globalization protests juxtaposed with subjective glimpses into the city’s effected domestic realm — Method brings us into Dekia Corporation’s uncomfortably immaculate conference room towering ominously above the conflict zone. Piñeyro’s brilliantly executed set of stylistic binaries make this simple plotline a potent exposé as seven corporate management candidates are turned against each other and methodically eliminated via the Grönholm Method’s chain of insufferably potent psychological tests. While Marx weeps in his grave, the eventual winner emerges on the post-demo streets Trotsky-ing around burning cars, smoldering tires and globalized detritus, inciting viewers to reread Democracy in America as they system perpetuates and the revolution fails.

Opens July 6 at Cinema Village