07/17/14 1:03pm

Did you miss the Northside Film DIY Competition’s two winning films the first time around? Well, you’re in luck, because tomorrow (Friday, July 18th) at 7:30 PM, you can check out a free screening of both!

Watch the Feature Winner, i hate myself : ) directed by Joanna Arnow, and the Short Winner, Eleanor Ambos Interiors directed by Andrew Ellis, at Videology (308 Bedford Ave) tomorrow night to experience why these films were selected as the best of the bunch of amazing up-and-coming filmmakers who submitted their work.

In i hate myself : ) nebbishy filmmaker Joanna Arnow documents her yearlong relationship with racially charged poet provocateur James Kepple. What starts out as an uncomfortably intimate portrait of a dysfunctional relationship and protracted mid-twenties adolescence, quickly turns into a complex commentary on societal repression, sexuality and self-confrontation through art.

Eleanor Ambos Interiors is close-up look at the whimsical life of 86-year-old interior designer Eleanor Ambos. Since her arrival to the U.S. at age 20, Eleanor’s strong will and keen eye have transformed her design business into a multi-million dollar empire. Yet at home, this eccentric tycoon’s lifestyle is astonishingly simple. Furnishing the homes of diplomats, remodeling dilapidated properties, and maintaining her own warehouses full of antique furniture, she gives little thought to retirement. But as Eleanor loses her eyesight to macular degeneration, she is forced to reckon with a crumbling structure that even she can’t restore.

The screening starts at 7:30, is free and open to the public, and will feature a Q&A with the filmmakers afterwards.

Don’t miss out on these films the second time around – get yourself to Videology tomorrow at 7:30. We’ll see you there!

07/09/14 1:08pm

Great Scott!! SummerScreen begins tonight, and where you’re going, you don’t need roads (except maybe Bedford Ave and North 12th)! We will be opening this SummerScreen season with the classic 80s film Back to the Future because who doesn’t want to time travel for the night?

Make sure to get there early because you will not want to miss this week’s opening bands. Tonstartssbandht, a Floridian brother rock duo and The Dreebs, a noise rocker, experimental Brooklyn band, will not disappoint.

And do not worry, we have not forgotten about the essentials to a respectable film and music screening: food and beer. You will be able to enjoy a multitude of mouthwatering local food and beverages available, courtesy of Sixpoint Brewery, Rekorderlig Cider, Handsome Hanks, PizzaMoto, Coolhaus, V Spot, La Crepe C’est Si Bon, and Landhaus.

So make like a tree; get out and bring your family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors to McCarren tonight for an insanely fun evening (maybe that wasn’t the exact quote). Gates open at 6pm, the music will start at 6:30pm, and we will have the movie rolling by sundown.

07/08/14 9:35am

After months of hibernation and the fear that we’d never wear shorts again, it’s safe to say we’re officially in the thick of summer. The hot, humid, thick of it. And while some of us are lucky enough to live in air-conditioned apartments, we still have to brave the great outdoors on occasion (at least for a few blocks until we reach the nearest subway station).

In a move that makes that trek worth it, Ciao Bella kicked off a summer full of treats last week and surprised people on the street with free servings of their amazing gelato and sorbetto!

That #GetScooped truck looks innocuous enough from the outside, but man is the inside beautiful. I mean, can we talk about how delicious that first scoop of chocolate looks? No wonder so many people were Instagramming their sweet refreshments. And if you missed your free scoop, not to worry – you can get a coupon for $1 off a Ciao Bella product here!

We can’t wait to see what else Ciao Bella has up their sleeve this summer. Who knows where they’ll pop up, or what the next surprise will be – we just hope it’s somewhere near our office!

06/27/14 11:30am

As New Yorkers, we are all too familiar with that deep-seeded feeling of dread that inevitably comes with a new job search. (And if you’re not? Well, we both envy and despise you.) One of the toughest parts of looking for a job is the sense that you’re struggling through it alone, with no support. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone were there to provide a shoulder for you to lean on?

In the video below, Randall tells us how he’s receiving job search assistance from an unexpected source – his bank.

As you can see from Randall’s story, Fifth Third Bank realizes how difficult the job search can be, and they’ve taken a step that’s quite innovative for their industry: they have started reaching out to their customers to offer help. Randall is just one of many who have benefitted from Fifth Third’s relationship with NextJob, a company that provides resources like job counseling and – above all – the hope and momentum to continue in the search for employment.

We hope you’re as inspired as we are by Randall’s experience with Fifth Third.

06/20/14 4:00pm

When you live in a city like New York it’s difficult to imagine driving as anything other than a pain in the neck. Seriously – even once you’ve developed the tough skin and aggressive moves required to get past all the cabbies, there’s still the matter of finding parking at your final destination; can you say headache central?

But that’s not always the case, as these Breaking Barriers videos from Pennzoil show. Tim McGraw narrates the stories of the original hot rodders and speed innovators who worked tirelessly in their efforts to break barriers within the automotive world, depicting a certain joy and excitement in the history of cars (and especially racing) that’s easy to forget while you’re sitting at a green light with twenty pedestrians crossing in front of you.

Okay, so maybe you’re not that into cars; still, it’s tough not to get inspired by the dedication and passion these drivers, mechanics, and engineers put into their craft. Their drive to break barriers – even when it seems impossible – are exactly the type of pursuits that Pennzoil wants to encourage. The company has dedicated its energy towards supporting these efforts, and as you can see above Pennzoil products played a crucial part in helping the fastest street legal car in the market attain its unbelievable new record of 270 mph.

Whether the barrier you want to break is the sound barrier or simply getting the barista at Starbucks to write your name correctly, let Pennzoil inspire you to achieve your goal!

This post is sponsored by Pennzoil.

06/20/14 10:31am

Some days, you just need to let your hair down and grab a few drinks with your crew at a rooftop happy hour. Other days, you’re more in the mood to treat yourself to a spa day (aka a manicure at the tiny salon you always pass on your way to work). Whatever the case, these everyday moments are what make you yourself, and American Express wants to reward you for them!

In this video, which they’ve produced and animated, YouTube sensation Shameless Maya tells the story of her very own #EveryDayMoment.

These folks definitely get it, and if you’ve ever been in a situation like Maya’s (or maybe your moment has more to do with braving the crowds at Bedford & N. 7th on a sunny Saturday afternoon), you should check out their new EveryDay credit card!

By signing up for the EveryDay Card, you’ll be giving yourself a gift that keeps on giving. Whenever you use your card you’ll earn non-expiring Membership Rewards points (including 2x the points at U.S. supermarkets), which you can redeem with over 500 brands! As an added bonus, you can earn 20% extra points if you use your card more than 20 times a month. Top that with no additional fees, and we think you’ve got a great deal.

You’re a smart, savvy shopper; why not get rewarded for your #EveryDayMoments? You can get more info about the card here (and if you like Shameless Maya’s candid and playful style, check out her other videos)!

This post is sponsored by American Express.

06/10/14 4:51pm


Download the Northside Festival app on your smart phone or tablet to fully experience Brooklyn’s largest gathering of innovators in music, film, and technology. From June 12-19 over 400 bands, 100 speakers, and 50 films will take over Williamsburg and Greenpoint, and with this app you don’t have to miss out on one!

The Northside Festival app has all you need to know about what New York’s largest discovery festival has to offer – the full musical lineup, info on all the films screening as well as short biographies of the innovators and entrepreneurs that will be taking part in the panels and presentations at Northside Innovation.

Not sure which show to go to on Thursday night? Simply pull out your smart phone and scroll through our artist index, as our app also provides attendees with access to listen and watch each of the musical artists that will be performing — as well as access to buy tickets.

Make the most of your experience. This year we’ve teamed up with MasterCard to deliver exclusive cardholder experiences at our events. You can receive special notifications at the festival, but only through the app.

Not the most geographically-savvy Brooklynite? Simply open the app to find the locations of the festivals many venues and cinemas, conveniently mapped out right on your phone along with the date, time and cost of each show. With this app even the most unorganized can schedule their perfect Northside Festival Day.

So Download the App now (it’s free!) and get ready for 8 days you won’t forget!

05/21/14 2:10pm


Let’s face it; if you live in Brooklyn, you—like us at The L—embrace being a city dweller. We love to spot the wackiest ensembles on the street, we can’t survive with fewer than five great takeout options in our area, and we’ve mastered the art of squeezing into a crowded L train just before the doors close (sorry, fellow commuters). Yet even the most metropolitan of us sometimes dreams of taking a break from the hustle and bustle of it all and heading out to the country. Of course, this is before the reality sets in of just how far away from our favorite iced latte we’ll be. That’s why we love FarmVille 2: Country Escape, a perfect way to fulfill our country cravings without straying from the comforts of home.


The video above shows what a delightful escape it can be to get out to the “country,” maintain your farm, and get those crops growing, even when you’re surrounded by the chaos of your everyday life. We can totally identify with the urge to grow a giant flower in the middle of our office, real or imagined! Seasonal allergies be damned, this is one Country Escape that we can all get behind.

And as if you needed more reason to play, the game has plenty of fun new features. Our favorite is definitely the offline play mode—because who doesn’t love a good excuse to avoid eye contact on the subway? This version of the game also steps up the need for resource management skills (wait, can we add that one to our LinkedIn profile?), which gives the game an edge of strategic challenge.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is available to play anytime, anywhere; what are you waiting for?

This post is sponsored by Zynga.

05/12/14 2:30pm

Sponsored By Explore Brooklyn.

All of Brooklyn in one place.

Created By BlankSlate

The hottest borough in NYC finally has the tourism website it deserves.

On May 9, 2014, at the BKLYN Designs fair, the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Brooklyn technology firm BlankSlate, officially launched Explore Brooklyn, Brooklyn’s first dedicated tourism site. brings together a dynamic, front-page directory of every business and attraction in Brooklyn, an events calendar, and a blog about don’t-miss destinations written by the area’s best local writers — all designed to serve as an invaluable resource for visitors and residents alike.


Explore Brooklyn kicked off its blog with the post “What to do after you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge,” a question many of you may have answered for visiting friends, or tourists wandering around Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo. This is followed by posts telling visitors where to find great coffee, outstanding museums, and souvenirs that are actually cool.

“We don’t want all those tourists walking across the bridge to turn around and go back to Manhattan,” explained Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce president and CEO, Carlo Scissura. “We want them to stay a while and get to know the Brooklyn that we know and love.”

05/09/14 4:15pm


Are you a Williamsburg Warhol, Greenpoint Goya, or some other BK-based alliterative that wants the opportunity to showcase their artwork for thousands of people? Then make sure to submit to Northside Festival’s open call for artists and performers to come and show during Williamsburg Walks!


Alongside our partners at Triskelion Arts, we’re building temporary wall units, interactive installations and public sculptures along with a grand assortment of unique performances and live graffiti. Wanna be part of an exhilarating experience? Here’s who we’re looking for!

Through May 12, we’re accepting proposals for the following:

1. Live painting, graffiti and collage 2. Interactive installations and workshops 3. Sculpture or stand-alone installations 4. Performance artists

Send your stuff on over to and share your work with over thousands of new fans!