02/29/12 4:00am

The F Word is a new recccuring column, where nightlife guru Vala Durvett brings us the best style finds in her adventures out in the city. We like to think of it as street style, but far, far drunker! This week, she found some worthy subjects in and around Arrow Bar and Drom NYC.


Occupation: Bartender
Found this sweet find at: Arrow Bar, East Village
What inspires your style? The gentleman
Leather Pants on men? No

02/15/12 4:00am

Meet:Astro (right)

Occupation: Hair Stylist
Found this sweet find at: Richie Rich’s fashion show at The Elsinore
What inspires your style? Everything
Sweat pants in public yay or nay? Nay!

Meet:LK Naps

Occupation:Lead singer of People at Parties
Found this sweet find at:The Woods
What inspires your style? Alter boys meets David Bowie
Sweat pants in public yay or nay? As long as I’m wearing my bling, sure!