09/12/12 4:00am

When Occupy Wall Street has its anniversary on September 17, activists and demonstrators will have long been cleared from Zuccotti Park. But the spirit of the movement survives in local communities, as these four Brooklyn-based Occupy chapters demonstrate.

Occupy Bushwick

Dabblers in a variety of causes, Occupy Bushwick members support Healthcare for the 99% and Food Not Bombs, a global program that serves free vegan meals in protest against war and poverty.

How you can get involved: Members meet every Thursday at Maria Hernandez Park from 7 to 10 p.m. If weather doesn’t permit, they hold the meeting at The Loom (1087 Flushing Avenue). Follow them on Twitter @OccupyBushwick or on Facebook.

Occupy Kensington

This group was founded in May by Eleanor Rodgers as a response to minimum wage violations at Golden Farm, a local grocer. “It’s a working class neighborhood and hadn’t recently had any radical groups. Suddenly this all came together,” she told us. “It turned out there’d been a bunch of people in our neighborhood who were going out to Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.”

The group joined forces with the Golden Farm activists who were already working to get the grocery store’s employees their unpaid wages. They’re still fighting with boycotts. And now, as part of the “Green Beans Not Walgreens” campaign, they’re planning to protest for access to food in front of the new Walgreens pharmacy in neighboring Windsor Terrace, which replaced a supermarket.

“The point of the local Occupies is to be more grounded. They’re based very heavily on people who have been activists from five to 20 years and are open and pleased to continue working,” Rodgers said. “There’s a hunger here among the
community activists. That’s something that was unleashed by Zuccotti Park.”

How you can get involved: Sign up for the Google group at, contact Eleanor Rodgers at, or follow the group on Facebook.