11/05/15 3:41pm

Sometimes a great short film comes to us from an unexpected place—like “The Gentleman’s Wager II,” starring Jude Law, Giancarlo Giannini, and Zhao Wei, presented by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Replete with beautiful scenery and clever cameos, we can’t stop watching this project.

The film starts with a game of bocce ball between Law’s and Giannini’s characters at a lovely Italian villa, but quickly escalates when a bet is placed between the two players: that Law can’t make it to Monaco in Giannini’s rundown vintage racecar (his most cherished possession) by noon the next day. The prize? The winner keeps both the car and the villa. The catch? This car hasn’t been driven in 40 years, and it’s up to Law to get it back into racing shape before he can even leave the garage.

Even after he gets the car up and running, Law runs into plenty of obstacles on his way to the finish line. A herd of sheep blocking his way? Check. Engine troubles? Check. But he doesn’t let these setbacks get him down. Instead, he accepts the help of others and, in return, thanks them for their acts of kindness (whether that’s by giving up his sunglasses to a helpful shepherd or passing on a bottle of Johnnie Walker to the man whose fresh paint he just smudged).

Throughout the drive, it’s clear that whether he wins or loses, Law is happy just to spend time with this one-of-a-kind machine. And for us, that’s the takeaway: it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it with love and share that passion with others. The blenders at Johnnie Walker exemplify this attitude—they take their craft seriously, not out of responsibility but out of joy. And we see in the film that this approach works; the acts of gratitude to (and from) the people he meets make Law victorious no matter what. And winning the car and villa? Well, that doesn’t hurt either.

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10/19/15 8:55am


There’s something kind of magical about finding a special piece at a yard sale. It takes a certain skill set, but if you have it you know there’s a warm-and-fuzzy, rewarding feeling that comes from spotting gold (not literally…but, like, maybe literally, if you’re lucky?) in a pile of bits and pieces someone has discarded. We appreciate the people who look at what could be considered a pile of junk and see the potential for something amazing.

As you can see above, that’s just what the Krylon crew did with their 127 Yard Sale. Led by Amy Devers (a jack-of-all trades whose pursuits include furniture designer, carpenter, TV personality, and design blogger) set out along Highway 127 for the world’s longest yard sale. They traveled 690 miles, stopping along the way to discover objects that they knew could be revived with nothing more than a fresh coat of paint. Throughout their travels, the crew picked up 127 hidden treasures and gave them new life with unique Krylon products and finishes.

But the journey didn’t end after this road trip. Instead, all 127 items were put up for sale in Pinterest’s first-ever online yard sale. In the spirit of giving, proceeds from these sales benefit Charity Wings Arts and Crafts Center, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to inspire people of all ages to gather, give back, and create art.

Want to snag one of these amazing pieces for yourself? Check out the sale here! And if you’re more interested in sprucing up something for yourself, head to the “projects” section to get inspired by excellent DIY tips from the Krylon crew. Either way, we know you’ll come out with something distinctly beautiful. 

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09/10/15 11:27am

Long layers. Bold colors. Old-Hollywood curls. Unlike teasing (yikes), some things never go out of style—like TRESemmé, who have been the official hair care sponsor of New York Fashion Week for fifteen seasons in a row! It’s a well-known fact that you can always look to the runway for up and coming hair styling trends, and while some of us don’t have the professional (or Instagram-worthy) skills to make ourselves look like a runway model, TRESemmé’s products make it a whole lot easier.


09/08/15 10:59am

With Taste Talks just a few days away, we’re bringing you a roundup of our top 5 favorite picks for the festival! Taste Talks Brooklyn 2015, curated by Questlove, is unlike any Taste Talks we’ve ever brought you — and we can’t wait to see you there.

If you want in, there’s still time to grab tickets today!


1. All-Star BBQ
Sunday, Sept 13 | 12 noon – 5pm | 50 Kent Ave., Williamsburg

BBQ sampling feast with a live DJ set by Questlove. Expect to mix and mingle with top chefs and their artist/actor/musician chef-collaborators — like George Takei, Lea DeLaria, Alex Stupak, Heems, Matty Matheson, Jarobi White, Chef Roblé and more — while dining on their brilliant, delicious BBQ creations!

Beer provided by Blue Point Brewing Company. Wines at the BBQ provided by Dark Horse Wine. Discover the unexpected with Dark Horse Wine. Sample a variety of uniquely bold wines including Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Big Red Blend and Chardonnay.


2. Mother of Pearl Exclusive Dinner
Saturday, Sept 12 | 6pm – 9pm | Biba Williamsburg

An intimate night of Island Creek oysters and sparkling wine followed by a multi-course dinner from Leah Cohen (Pig & Khao), Dan Holzman (The Meatball Shlop), Jacob Rosette (Dinner Lab) and Agatha Kulaga & Erin Patinkin (Ovenly).


3. Questlove & Dominique Ansel’s Sweet Thinking: A Dessert Party
Friday, Sept 11 | 9pm – midnight | McCarren Hotel & Pool Rooftop

Join Questlove and Dominique Ansel on the opening night of Taste Talks at an exclusive roof-top party, with an original DJ set by Questlove and seven extraordinary desserts from the master of pastry himself!


4. Taste Talks Conference
Saturday, Sept 12 | Throughout the Day | Williamsburg

Join leading minds and creators in the world of food and drink — like Sam Sifton, Adam Rapoport, Dominique Ansel, Merrill Stubbs, Matty Matheson and many more — for a day-long series of panels, discussions, demos, tastings and screenings to explore the future of taste.


5. Closing Night Chef’s Party
Sunday, Sept 13 | 7pm – 10pm | Fitzcarraldo Williamsburg

After feasting on dishes at the All-Star BBQ, head on over to an intimate post-party to relax and mingle with the chefs over complimentary drinks and bites!


08/26/15 11:55am

If you haven’t heard by now, Questlove is curating Taste Talks Brooklyn (September 11-13); if you have, we’re sure you’re curious about where to find him at the fest. Lucky for you, we’ve got the lowdown. Check out the events below, and don’t forget to buy your tickets & all-access passes before they sell out!

dessert party

Friday, Sept 11 | McCarren Hotel & Pool, Williamsburg
Join Questlove and Dominique Ansel on the opening night of Taste Talks at an exclusive roof-top party at the McCarren Hotel & Pool. Expect an original DJ set by Questlove and seven extraordinary desserts by the master of pastry himself — with a selection of fine wines to match!

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Sunday, Sept 13 | 50 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg 
Party with Questlove as he spins at the Taste Talks All-Star BBQ! This is a sampling feast that brings together world-renowned chefs making signature dishes outdoors. Expect to mix and mingle with top chefs and their artist/actor/musician collaborators—like George Takei, Alex Stupak, Heems, Chef Roblé, Matty Matheson and 20+ more—while dining on their brilliant, delicious BBQ creations!

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08/25/15 8:47am

The Grand Slams

If you’re anything like us, you have some serious love for breakfast. Of course, there are some obvious reasons—you know, the ones our mom would give: it’s the most important meal of the day, it kick-starts your metabolism and gives you enough energy to make it through the day (or at least to lunch)…and so on.

But. Also. It contains what are arguably the best basic components of all three meals. Components that can, and should, be eaten at all times of the day. (Like, who doesn’t love a good dinner omelet? Or a midnight bacon snack? We’re not the only ones, right?) To be honest, this—much more than its other virtues—is where our true breakfast appreciation has its roots.


08/05/15 10:00am

unnamed (12)

Taste Talks is proud to present a first look at the incredible lineup for this year’s All-Star BBQ. Celebrate a day of discovery and indulgence at Taste Talk’s All-Star BBQ, a sampling feast that brings together world-renowned chefs making signature dishes outdoors at 50 Kent Avenue in Williamsburg. Expect to mix & mingle with top chefs from around the world while dining on their brilliant, delicious BBQ creations.

Check out the lineup below, and grab a ticket today! Like last year, these tickets won’t last long! (more…)