02/11/15 8:45am
02/11/2015 8:45 AM |
Illustration by Sarah Lutkenhaus

Hailed in: Eastern Parkway
Hails from: India
Things like that are good for business, so I think I would be okay with it. I bet a lot of people would stay in Manhattan and need cabs over the bridge, so it would probably be good money for me and other drivers. (What about issues like crowds or security?) Well New York is always crowded. I’m not sure we’d notice anything, especially compared to tourist seasons. Same for security, there’s always a lot of security everywhere. (more…)

01/28/15 1:52pm
01/28/2015 1:52 PM |
Illustration by Katie Narduzzo

Hailed in: Fort Greene
Hails from: New Jersey
I have a friend who claimed he smoked pot right in front of a bunch of cops and they didn’t do anything or care. To be fair, he exaggerates a lot, and there have been times when I’ve been high around cops without them caring. I never smoked a jay in front of them, but from what he said they weren’t doing anything unless you were kicking someone’s ass or something. Did you hear that some types of arrests were down like 90 percent? The world didn’t fall apart. Just proves that arresting people for pot is a waste of money and cops shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. (more…)

01/14/15 8:50am
01/14/2015 8:50 AM |
Illustration by Rachel Clark



Hailed in: Gramercy Park
Hails from: Taiwan

It’s actually hard to tell when that kind of thing happens. If it goes down like it does in a movie—where someone opens the door but someone else jumps in and the first person starts screaming—all I hear is someone screaming outside. Which, this is New York: There’s always someone screaming about something. You have to just trust that everything going on outside is being done fairly.


01/05/15 9:00am
01/05/2015 9:00 AM |
Illustration by Rachel Clark


Hailed in: Park Slope
Hails from: North Dakota
I don’t really do resolutions, but after Christmas I need to start saving money. Like, seriously. I have credit card debt, student loan debt—so much student loan debt—and I really do need to start actually saving. Luckily an aunt of mine died this year. Well, not luckily, since she died, but luckily since we weren’t close and I inherited a little. Really I need to stop eating out next year. That’s the killer. (more…)

12/17/14 1:26pm
12/17/2014 1:26 PM |



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Hails from:Louisiana
It’s incredibly upsetting. I can’t even tell you how angry I am, how angry everyone is. And it feels like, even though everyone feels this is wrong—and so do the mayor, and Obama—that won’t make a difference. I thought things were getting better! We have Obama, my kids don’t face the kind of shit I faced at their age—I couldn’t even walk in some parts of the town I grew up in. Then something like this happens, and you realize no progress has been made. We’re still at zero. That’s not something you’ll ever understand.


12/03/14 4:00am
12/03/2014 4:00 AM |



Hailed in: Lower East Side

Hails from: Bronx

I’m going to tell you something good, something I always think of when it starts getting cold. Years ago, when my daughter was just starting school, I was waiting with her for her bus, and it was the first really cold day of the year. My daughter said, “It’s so cold that I can’t stop smiling.” Her smile was frozen on her face. That’s what I always think of. When it’s this cold, what expression do you want your face to be frozen in?


Hailed in: Financial District

Hails from: California

What I’ve just started doing, actually, is putting stuff on my hands and face because the wind makes my skin feel terrible. I guess that’s part of getting older, since I don’t remember having this problem even a few years ago. Last year my hand was so dry that I stretched it out and it cracked. I actually bled because I opened my hand. So I raided my wife’s cabinet, took some of her cream. I don’t like it—it smells fruity—but I don’t want to feel like I have razor burn all winter again.


Hailed in: Brooklyn Heights

Hails from: Georgia

Can I move to the Bahamas until May? There’s nothing you can do. Buffalo got seventy inches of snow this past week. Seventy. You can’t do anything about that. It’s going to be miserable. There’s probably only another week before I have to start wearing two pairs of socks at a time. Honestly it’s a really depressing thought. We just have to power through. Do what you can to make things easier for everyone—get a shovel and help your neighbor.


Hailed in: Port Authority

Hails from: Nepal

I’m pretty good with cold, since I grew up where it’s much colder than it is here. The trick is to wear layers, not one giant coat, and to cover as much of your skin as you can, so you need a scarf and gloves. My jacket here is leather; I found it at a used clothing store. I’d recommend going to a store like that and finding something cheap if you can. Who cares if it isn’t modern? (How did the polar vortex compare with what you grew up in?) Well last year was pretty awful. The wind was bad, though I was in my cab most of the time. Cities are easier to be in during the winter, though, because roads get plowed and people shovel. Much harder in a small village.

11/05/14 4:00am
11/05/2014 4:00 AM |

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Hell’s Kitchen
Hails from: Staten Island

I am planning on it this year, actually, yeah. I live in Staten Island, and as you may know, that’s home of the “great” Michael Grimm, the embarrassment who should probably be in jail. I just want to vote against him, I don’t even know who the other guy is [Democrat Domenic Recchia Jr.]. I think if Grimm wins again, Staten Island should feel very ashamed. If people are so anti-someone with different views that they’ll let someone like him stay in place, that’s awful.

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Financial District
Hails from: Venezuela

I can’t vote in U.S. elections and I don’t really follow your politics. I read the sports page. I like living in America, and the political situation in Venezuela is terrible compared to here, but when I listen to the news, all your people [elected officials] just sound like idiots. Everyone complains about the stupidest things; your politicians are children. If you weren’t a rich country you would be even more of a joke.

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Port Authority
Hails from: The Bronx

No. It’s bullshit, but I can’t take off on Election Day because I need to work. I doubt if I’ll have time before or after my shift to go. During 2008 and 2012 I took off work because I wanted to vote for Obama, but honestly I don’t even know who my congressperson is. Is Schumer running this year?

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Hails from: Iowa

I’m not registered, which is something I should fix, but… eh. New York isn’t a swing state, and if my parents, who lives in a small town in Iowa, complain about the lines, they must be ridiculous here. (Do you follow politics?) Only on the radio. The whole thing disgusts me.

10/22/14 4:00am
10/22/2014 4:00 AM |

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Prospect Lefferts Gardens
Hails from: Bed-Stuy

New York has really changed, especially Brooklyn. All of Brooklyn has, hell, even Bed-Stuy. I remember it was so bad when I was a kid that one time I was walking around Park Slope and these police officers came up to me, asking why I was in that neighborhood when I was just walking around. I was a real fresh kid, so I said, “Because I want to be here!” and the cop told me that if he saw me around there again he would take me to jail and lock me up in a solitary cell. I was 13, so that must have been 1975. Things have gotten a lot better. (Doesn’t that kind of thing still happen, with things like stop-and-frisk?) Yes, but it isn’t nearly as bad as it was. Cops are a lot better than they were back then, when crime was so much worse.

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Hails from: Venezuela

I’ve only lived here a couple years, so I haven’t seen too many changes. My rent has gone up a lot, though. It feels like this city gets more expensive a lot faster than other cities do. I like living here more the longer I’m here, because you find your city within the city—your favorite places and bars and such. It feels different as it gets more familiar.

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Gramercy Park
Hails from: Korea

I moved here the year before 9/11, so I saw that whole thing. I feel like there’s a lot more community here now, more of a united team spirit kind of thing. On 9/11 everyone did so much to help out, there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t impacted by that, and then when the economy broke you kind of saw it again. Friends helped each other out, neighbors did; a lot of people didn’t have jobs, no one had any money. There’s such a divide here between rich people and everyone else, that everyone who is “everyone else” has kind of bonded.

Hailed in:
Port Authority
Hails from: Hell’s Kitchen

I’ve lived here my whole life, and the city is nothing like it was when I was growing up. So much of the character is gone, so much of the life. The city’s been given to rich people, and the rest of us are just living in it. It’s all so corporate and chain stores now. It used to be dangerous, and that was kind of a good thing. Although, this is coming from an old man. When I was your age I did a ton of drugs, went to punk rock shows, and lived on no money. I was young, in other words. Everything looks better when you’re young.

10/08/14 4:00am
10/08/2014 4:00 AM |

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Fort Greene
Hails from: Oregon

When I first moved here I went to anti-Bush stuff. Some anti-war rallies, then all sorts of things protesting that big event [the 2004 GOP convention]. I haven’t done anything since then, since that was pretty depressing. I was young, and Bush was so clearly awful that when he got reelected so easily it was such a huge hit. We were all so depressed. It felt like no matter how hard we worked, it wouldn’t make any difference. I was really happy when Obama won, but then the NSA stuff makes you feel like he’s no different. What’s the point?

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Hails from: Prefers not to say

Where I’m from, you don’t protest. That’s very dangerous. The government is extremely corrupt and people who protest get thrown in jail. That’s why I’m here; I’m working to make enough money to bring my family over. There were some underground-type things, like people passing out anti-government newsletters, since the media is all run by the state. I know people who did that, but it’s so dangerous. You think you’re talking to people you trust, but you never
really know.

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Gramercy Park
Hails from: Bayside

I actually just did in the global warming thing [the People’s Climate March], which was a first for me. I wasn’t planning on it, but my friends and I just happened to be there when it was going on so we joined in for a bit. That was great to see, all those people pushing for something. I hope something comes of it; Obama seems to care about the environment but I’m not sure he can do much against Big Oil. I’ve definitely been thinking about the environment more this week, I even started saving my trash to recycle it.

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Hails from: Brooklyn

No, which is terrible, since I complain about stuff so much. I’m one of those annoying people who bitches about politics on Facebook all the time, but who doesn’t vote in the midterms. In my defense, everything is going democratic in New York, but I don’t have the time or interest to stand in a crowd. Does that ever solve or change anything? I’m really asking, but I don’t think it does. I was all into Occupy when that was going on—I never went and protested because of work—but what was the result of that? Last I checked Wall Street is still running everything.

09/24/14 4:00am
09/24/2014 4:00 AM |


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Hails from: Pakistan

Ugh, yes. I sent a couple to my ex-girlfriend when we were dating. We were long-distance, you know how it is. I guess I wasn’t really naked, just in my undies. I deleted those off my phone right away, but more because I was worried friends would see them than because I was worried I would get hacked. I kept the ones she sent me until we broke up, when it just got depressing. She broke up with me, so looking at them made me sad. Now you’re making me sad.


Hailed in:Union Square
Hails from: Bushwick
Ha! No way, man. That stuff is gross. Really, I don’t understand why people do that, the risk of it going out is like 100 percent. (Did you look at the photos in the celebrity photo hack?) Uh, yes. I did without thinking about it because the links were everywhere, and then I thought about it and felt bad.


Hailed in:West Village
Hails from:Massachusetts
Um, shit. What magazine is this for? Ha, OK. Yeah, I’ve both sent and received them, but I use Snapchat, which is supposedly more secure, and I used to have some pretty sexy stuff on Tinder. It’s just one of those things you do when you’re drunk and lonely. It’s fun! That whole Jennifer Lawrence thing was crazy, though. I feel so bad for all those girls. I know this wasn’t revenge porn, which is terrible, but it’s still such a violation.


Hailed in:Gramercy Park
Hails from: Dublin
I don’t keep them on my phone, but I have sent and received them. Honestly that stuff isn’t the worst thing you can do, pretty much everyone knows to not show your face if you’re sexting. “That body could be anybody’s!” Honestly there are so many pictures of me on Facebook where I’m drunk or high or just generally being an idiot that naked pictures wouldn’t be a scandal.