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The F Word is a new recccuring column, where nightlife guru Vala Durvett brings us the best style finds in her adventures out in the city. We like to think of it as street style, but far, far drunker! This week, she found some worthy subjects in and around Arrow Bar and Drom NYC.


Occupation: Bartender
Found this sweet find at: Arrow Bar, East Village
What inspires your style? The gentleman
Leather Pants on men? No

07/16/08 12:00am
07/16/2008 12:00 AM |

Since 2006 the ‘Soul Proprieter’ of the New York Night Train record label and webzine (soon to be online vinyl guide), the endlessly charming Mr Jonathan Toubin, has been throwing parties, putting together shows, and DJing in all the coolest bars around NYC like a madman. Currently found spinning at no less than four weekly parties (as well as guest DJing at parties all over the country), Mr Toubin has to be one of the hardest working DJs in NYC, playing everything from soul, funk, garage and girl groups, to glam, punk and rockabilly. With his impeccable taste and extensive vinyl collection, Jonathan always seems to know exactly the right track to get bodies moving on the dance floor.

Mondays at Andrew WK’s hyped new venue Santo’s Party House NYNT presents ‘Secret Santo’, a rock and roll soul party that throws together world famous underground bands and DJs, kept on the hush hush until the day before.

Every Wednesday is the ‘Listening Salon’ at rock and roll dive bar Motor City, a night of hard drinking punk eclecticism with help from special guests from across the NYC music community. Past guests have included members of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds/Grinderman, Sonic Youth, Pussy Galore, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, the Shins, Black Lips and many more.

The backroom at Beauty Bar every Thursday is a ‘Boogaloo Shampoo’, one of the only weekly soul parties in the greater New York area. With help from special guests, Jonathan Toubin spins the finest in soul 45s, spanning late r&b to early funk.

‘Shakin’ All Over Under Sideways Down’ is NYNT’s Friday night party at the hipster dungeon that is Home Sweet Home. With an unbeatable 3am 2-4-1 happy hour, night owls shake and shimmy to 45rpm party favors from the 1950s to the present. Obscurities, novelties and underground classics are carefully selected and spun for your dancing pleasure.

Santo’s Party House- 100 Lafayette St
Motor City- 127 Ludlow St
Beauty Bar- 231 East 14th
Home Sweet Home- 131 Chrystie St

07/02/08 12:00am
07/02/2008 12:00 AM |

Lonely and looking for something to do, tired of feeling like you are stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis blues again? Don your Lonsdale and your leopard-skin pill-box hat and dance to a Captain Arab-arabesque, one which turns Jayne and Mansfield into visions of Johanna. International flaxen-haired DJing duo Lady Bree and Miss Harry Flowers–visions of beauty in a DJ booth, Sharon st"One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)"-styled femme fatales behind the ones and twos–spin rock ‘n’ roll, garage, punk, girl groups, glam, indie and shoegaze. Keeping rap to another red riding ‘hood, these residents-as-Rapunzels keep the sleeping residents of their parties’ hoods asking themselves "ain’t it just like the night to play tricks when you’re trying’ to be so quiet?" Their bombshells of hits create a Rainy Day Women #12 & #35-24-36 measurements of 33 1/3 rotations per minute which has me all right with you pledging my time to them.

Putting the Absolut in absolutely sweet Marie, Erik and nikkisneakers pour the poisons that keep you tumbling about just like a mattress balances on a bottle of wine.

Whether this is your first or fourth time around the block, find a sad eyed lady of the lowlands and tell her I want you, when the blonde bombshell blows up in your face run to your buddies complaining of her being just like a woman–a Jean Harlow-looking hall of mirrors.

Have a drink for courage, then find yourself nearly-invincible–temporary like Achilles–on the dance floor, surrounded by Marilyn Monroe-fashioned "Why, Chanel No. 5, of course" strange bedfellows, obviously 5 believers all. Come some time between 3:30 and 4am, mostly likely you’ll go your way (and I’ll go mine).

And now, the feature using all of the words which can be made from Blonde:

On Sunday and Wednesday nights instead of nodding off in your bed, be all you can be by making your body bend in dance and drink at Blonde on Blonde–a party which refuses to blend in, where your DJs Lady Bree and Miss Harry Flowers blend rock ‘n’ roll, garage, punk, girl groups, glam, indie and shoegaze. If you have made bold moves and managed to neither have bled out from a dance-related broken bone nor have run into some girl who you once boned, nights out such as these bode well for your week.

Put down the bole, don some duds and take out your deb (as in, debutante) for a night out on the town and away from your apartment above a crack den, to spots where music plays at various levels of bel. Dole out for your blonde and do whatever your doe-eyed beauty wants done in the ebon corners that resemble the dungeons of eld.

En-dash out for a night that will not be done before amateur enol turns into a marriage annuled. Your DJs have spent an eon or so in front of their LED-lit mixing boards spinning Led Zeppelin, and lo and behold they lend their talents to your left and right ear lobe, lob your keys to your designated driver blond Ben (better yet, take either the El–the J,M,Z–or L trains), lobed to hear when you have had too much. Knowing that these venues are a lode of debauchery, do not be a lone dancer. Neb and hands-outstretched, do not say no to any noble offers, just nod yes to a node (as in, intersecting/connecting!), and find yourself in a cheer usually found around Noel. Beware the od and bond of women, and be careful not to O.D. We do not want to have to sing an ode to your memory until you are very old. I have gone on too long, this has to end.

Blonde on Blonde
Sundays at Lit, Wednesday at Hugs
10:30pm, FREE
93 Second Ave, between E 5th and E 6th Sts
108 N 6th St, between Berry St and Wythe Ave

06/18/08 12:00am
06/18/2008 12:00 AM |

Get out your ripped jeans, don some flannel, and hunt down that old Hyper Color shirt you left at your moms house—whether you’re ready or not the 90s are back in full force!

International DJ extraordinaire Lauren Flax and JD Samson of Le Tigre fame have joined forces to bring you the most non-pretentious, drunken sing-along inducing, 90s nostalgia party at the cutest bar in Williamsburg—Hugs. Enter under the glowing pink neon heart sign, wander past the skee-ball and sticker photo booth (hours of fun), pick up a drink and hit the dance floor, or find a spot on one of the many couches to shout "omg I know this one" in comfort. Expect to hear tunes from 90s stars like Luscious Jackson, Veruca Salt, Neneh Cherry, JJ Fad, L7, Another Bad Creation, The Breeders, and more.

Don’t be embarrassed that you know all the lyrics to that annoying Chumbawumba song. Embrace it every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday of the month at Hugs! You’ll drink a whiskey drink, you’ll drink a vodka drink…

July 5 at Hugs
10pm, FREE
108 N 6th St, between Berry St and Wythe Ave

06/18/08 12:00am

The Outside Talker promises that this ten-in-one will showcase a Gypsy Rose Lee-crew’s worth of illustrated women drawing attention to all of their skin, not just their tattoos–jumping off the page and whipping their tassels ’round like the Cyclone and batting their lashes up-and-down faster than the Wonder Wheel pitches riders through the air. Putting the tits in downtown institution, Starshine Burlesque takes over the stage as Coney Island staples Little Brooklyn, Creamy Stevens, Amber Ray, Jo Boobs, Bunny Love and Bambi the Mermaid perform dance noir in the shadow of the Coney Island Parachute Jump. An aquarium art installation adds to the display–an expo of exhibitionism, the Outside Talker exhorts that immediately following the 26th Annual Mermaid Day Parade, the 6th Annual Mermaid Ball (official after party, and benefit for not-for-profit arts organization Coney Island USA which presents the parade, Coney Island Circus Sideshow, Coney Island Museum and Coney Island Film Series) features live electric-chair acts/electric sets from KUDU and Foreign Islands, and dance music from a trident of DJing acts: Jack Fetterman and Meat Mistress, Dances with White Girls and Paddy Boom. Go-Go sensations Gal Friday and La Maia perform, and sideshow star Adam the First Real Man hosts this Anything Goes affair where the ethanol flows like waves beating against the They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?-like shore. Mermaids and Mermen from the sea, those who feel like manatees and sea cows in the city, will take a trip up from the beach and ariel photographers will come indoors to be part of that [Red, Hot and Blue] world. With special thanks to Taconic Investment Partners, and sponsorships from Brooklyn Brewery, Coney Island Lager and Wine Cellar Sorbet.

Mermaid Parade Ball
June 21
5pm to midnight, 16 to enter; 21 to drink, $10 advance at; $15; $50 VIP
Child’s Restaurant Building, at the Boardwalk and W 21st St

06/11/08 12:00am
06/11/2008 12:00 AM |

The talent roster looks like a grocery list — a menu of DJs (Marc-Alan Gray, Paddy Boom, Jesse Murphy, Fancy, Stretch Armstrong, Alexander Technique, Rok One, Van Scott, Morsy & Kestar, DJ Elle, Dopplehertz, Bad Decision and Heartme!) serving up set lists that will have people lined up around the corner, both walk-ups and those who rsvp’d. To get tapped by doorman Thomas Onorato, the former better be wearing a packing list’s worth of Fashion Editor-approved pieces.

Forget dishing on the music and the crowd, a laundry list of media folks will be looking to air the dirty laundry of the escapades of your hosts (Michael Gogel, Richie Rich, Deryck Todd, Zachary David Palmer, Nicole Nelch, Jeremy Asgari, Darryl Nau, Jake Destruction & Captain Al, Nick the Duke, Flute Bardhi, Daniel rekLES [Happy Birthday!], Mike Dextro, Vasili Gavre, Kieren Taylor, Lee Trice, Arthur Rutledge, Destiny, Tim Sharp, Jenna Duffy [Happy Birthday!], House of Bath, SMBLC, Cindy Kim, Daniel Barbosa, Steve Martinek and ModelsHotel) — all looking to make true your wishlists, and add notches on their nightstands from the people listed on the rsvp guest list—a veritable to-do list — who will be clamoring for goodies from Name Ribbon, Kill Shop Kill and URB Magazine. Bridging the gap between up- and downtown styles of nightlife, URB Magazine, GGLAMM (Marc-Alan Gray and Michael Gogel) and CHANGEZ LE BEAT present a glamorous new monthly event that is a mash of music, fashion and art, an all that glitters is lamé event which promises to be short-listed on the best-of lists and annual round-ups of lifestyle editors.

Photographers Paolo and Nicky Digital capture what would certainly fill a WireImage-style worst- and best-dressed list from partiers downing drinks during the 10 to 11pm open bar, and document what ensues from $5 cosmos and $5 beer and whiskey shots all night. For complimentary admission, get on the list: rvsp to

June 11
Rebel, 10pm
251 W 30th St, between Seventh and Eighth Aves

06/11/08 12:00am

Looking like they are about to walk into the 90s-era Squeezebox (or, out of the recent documentary), a motley crue of 1920s-styled Flappers, air bled with calibrated orifices (a type of toilet flapper, I promise), are que’ing up for DJ Miss Guy and Michael Economy’s new party. Bowery Electric is the place for such an eclectic electric party featuring an eloquently executed elocution of girl groups — from Mae West and Nancy Sinatra, to Sister Sledge and The Gossip.

Miss Guy was the infamous front-man of the Toilet Böys, this new weekly is a salve from the toils of the workweek — where you can let the bathroom humor run free.

Fix your hair up like it was swirlie’d and throw on powder to give your face a flushed appearance, grow your handle bar moustache out and show off your plumber butt — plunge into the bass-y depths of nightlife.

A party for the in-the-Closet Ring and Billy Bolt Set who throw up the ROY G. BIV colors of the hanky code while dancing to DJ sets featuring the girl groups of the 50s and 60s to which everyone knows the tablature, run a bar tab toward getting tanked on swill before 5 days of your day job.

Dear rim of society, bowl’ed over from siphoning liquor and looking for trim, do a lid and hold the ballcock, then clean yourself off for the rest of the week with a large white tablet.

9pm, FREE
Sundays at Bowery Electric

327 Bowery, between E 2nd and E 3rd Sts