06/09/10 1:00am
06/09/2010 1:00 AM |

Yeah, sorry, we’re going to have to self-promote here and say “going to SummerScreen” is our favorite free summer activity. Also, drinking on our stoop, which is kind of free.

Where he presides : Robert Emmet’s, Midtown
Favorite drink: Smithwick’s
Summer hasn’t come yet, brother, so I spend my time hanging out at bars. I guess I like to run. I do it every second day, and just did a 5K race. I guess I do that the whole year though. Maybe snowboarding? But that’s not summer. I know there are a lot of great free concerts and movie screenings, but I live in Long Island. I go to Long Beach a lot. Just get some friends, some beer, and hang out.

Where she presides: The Skinny, LES
Favorite drink: Maker’s Mark
I love going to Coney Island. That’s my favorite thing to do in the city. I’m mad at the changes they’ve been making there, though. They should’ve just left it the way it was. I don’t know what all the changes are, but I know they removed the batting cages. I’m pissed about that. Make sure you write that down: I’m pissed there aren’t any more batting cages. What I like to do there is to go to Ruby’s, get drunk, then ride on the Cyclone and throw up.

Where she presides: The Long Room, Times Square
Favorite drink: Chardonnay
I like having barbeques at my apartment with my friends, and going to the Astoria Beer Garden, and going to Long Beach. It’s not hard to find a lot of great free stuff to do in the city. The important thing is to keep cool, so drink a lot of iced coffee and beer.

Where she presides: Sailor Jerry’s and Coke
Favorite drink: Double Down Saloon, LES
Well, I do a lot of drinking in the summer. My name is Lisa Lush, so, yeah. I also play with my band, the Dirty Shames. We’re doing Buswick Open Studios. It’s amazing. I love summer. Lots of shows, lots of drinking.

Where he presides: Six Point Sweet Action
Favorite drink: Croxley Ales, Alphabet City
You obviously have the park concerts. The philharmonic is probably the most fun. You can bring wine. In Central Park. Classical music, and it’s totally a blast. There’s also Shakespeare in the Park, and of course Bryant Park does all those classic movies.

05/26/10 1:00am
05/26/2010 1:00 AM |

Our office is about a five-minute walk from Grimaldi’s. Man, that pizza is really good. Seriously. Pizza. The answer is pizza.

Where she presides:
Vesta, Astoria

Favorite drink: Vodka and soda
Pizza is the first thing that comes to mind. We make a really good one here, with a nice thin crust, so if I had friends from out of town wanting pizza I might bring them here. Plus the service is really good here, ahem. If I can’t pick this as the quintessential place, I’d want a pizzeria with a brick oven—somewhere in Brooklyn. Just so long as it isn’t Chicago-style. That’s like cake; you can’t pick it up. And not L.A. pizza either. You know why L.A. pizza isn’t any good? Because of their water.

Where she presides :
Liam’s Pub, Financial District
Favorite drink: Irish Carbomb
Gotta be a dirty water dog. That’s a hot dog from a cart; you know how they keep the dogs heated in that dirty water? Dirty water dogs. They’re totally New York. Where else can you get hot dogs anywhere on the street whenever you want? The best place to get them is Yankee Stadium. Get a beer and a dog with the works. That’s the best.

Where he presides :
Butter, East Village

Favorite drink: Vodka
Pizza is never the same anywhere else. Rent in New York is high and pizza places have to perform really well to stay open, because there is a lot of competition and pizza is cheap. So yeah, here, on pretty much any corner, you can get a beautiful pizza slice at any time. I really miss that when I’m in L.A.

Where he presides :
Luca Lounge, Alphabet City

Favorite drink: I hate to be cliche, but you know I have to say pizza. My name’s Vito… hello! Aside from the ingredients there’s an attitude that goes into making New York pizza. There’s a family tree there, there’s pride. Other than that, I’d say bodega food. They don’t really have that in other cities, so maybe bodega food is the quintessential New York cuisine.

Where he presides:
St. Jerome, LES

Favorite drink:Whiskey
I’m from L.A. and I’ve only been here a few weeks, so I don’t know yet. But I will say that the pizza places aren’t as good in L.A. Even when people come from New York and open a place in L.A. it isn’t as good. But I can’t get good Mexican here. I’m sorry, but if I wanted to be rich? I’d open a good Mexican place in New York that was cheap.

05/12/10 2:40am
05/12/2010 2:40 AM |

Yeah, it should probably be legalized. At least if what we’ve learned from Weeds is true.

Where she presides:Lincoln Street Tavern, Prospect Park
Favorite drink:Scotch
Absolutely, and not just for medicinal purposes. In a worrisome world, pot is the least of our worries. Alcohol scares me much more. No one kills for pot. And as someone who has been a stoner since she was 15, I can tell you I never had an ounce of hate in me while high, just energy. The whole world should legalize it. If it was legit in New York, I’d probably pay about $5 per joint, unless it was really primo shit, in which case I’d pay about $20 per.

Where she presides:Union Bar, Union Square
Favorite drink:Rum and diet Coke
No. That would take all the fun out of it. Just kidding, I’m from California and support what they’re doing [toward legalization]. I would support a bill like that here, but New York isn’t all that strict about it. I once saw a guy smoking a roach go ask a police officer for directions. And it wasn’t that he was so baked he didn’t realize what he was doing, he just knew the cop wouldn’t give a shit.

Where she presides:PJ Leahy’s, Long Island City
Favorite drink:Margarita
Definitely. What other responses are you getting? [Reporter: They are decidedly pro-pot.] Understandable. What about the rest of you? [Regular 1: We need to legalize it and make money off it. Then the government can stop sticking its fist in my ass with taxes. Regular 2: Yeah, and stop wasting time and money prosecuting all the people who use it.] It’s agreed then. We’ll all be high as kites.

Where she presides: L’Express, Gramercy
Favorite drink: Tequila
Well, it doesn’t bother me that it’s illegal, I’m sure there are reasons for that. Though, it wouldn’t bother me if it were legal. Like in California. For medical reasons. It seems then that it should be legal.

Where she presides: Chabon, LES
Favorite drink: Champagne
It would be fine with me if it were legal. I’m European. It would be like Amsterdam. I could work in a hookah bar. Ha. That would be fun.

Where she presides: View, Midtown
Favorite drink: St. Germain
I’m sure there are arguments on both sides, but it seems like drugs should be illegal. I mean, they’re not really good for you, unless you’re sick, obviously. But people are going to self-medicate regardless. You smell weed on the street all the time, and there aren’t any recorded fatalities because of it, so sure, I guess legalize it. Prohibition obviously didn’t work out.

04/28/10 4:00am
04/28/2010 4:00 AM |

Where she presides:
Coffee Shop, Union Square
Favorite drink: Campari and soda
This is the first job I’ve ever had. I just graduated from Princeton, where I studied philosophy. I don’t know what I’m doing here. I want to be a writer. However, I have to say that having a job has given me new respect for people who work. This has been a real reality check for me—before I was in an ivory tower. It’s been instructive to interact with people like the busboys, and a job like this lets me exercise different muscles. Taking orders has proven really good for developing short-term memory skills.

Where he presides:
Boom, Soho
Favorite drink: Beer
I was a lifeguard one summer, which isn’t too strange, but sometimes strange stuff would happen on the job. I had to jump in and rescue people a few times, including this one little kid, who was attempting to swim across and couldn’t make it. It actually wasn’t that dramatic, but the other jobs I’ve had are bartending and being a DJ, so saving people is my “strangest.”

Where he presides:
Village Lantern, Greenwich Village
Favorite drink: Jameson
I was one of those people who stand on street corners handing out fliers. Mine were for a company that sold “night clothing” or something. It was a crappy job, my first, and I only got it to have something to do. It paid about $8 per hour, and they only let you work four days a week so you couldn’t get overtime. It was boring, though I got lucky since it never rained or snowed on me.

Where he presides:
Bar None, East Village
Favorite drink: Magners cider on ice
I think being a bouncer at a fetish club would be weird. How would you be able to tell if something was wrong? Or cleaning the grease trap at any restaurant. That gets intense. My brother is a DJ and he fell down out of the DJ booth into the grease trap one night. They cleaned him off with the soda gun at the bar. He was never the same though.

04/14/10 1:40am
04/14/2010 1:40 AM |

We still can’t believe the Health Care Bill actually passed. Now if only we could improve the quality and availability of good, outdoor hockey rinks, we’d be happy.

Where she presides:
Coyote Ugly
Favorite drink: Kettle One martini
Quite frankly, I voted for Obama, because of his stance on health care. I’m not 100 percent informed about all the ins and outs of the bill that got passed. I only have health insurance because I made myself get it through the state, and if my premium gets any higher, I will be pissed. I pay out of pocket, you know? I would like to see more definite change.

Where he presides:
P.D.O’Hurley’s, UWS

Favorite drink:
Yes, I’m very happy, even though I already have insurance. I think all Americans should have health care, I mean, people in other countries do, why not us? [Do you think it goes far enough?] Yeah. I think it’s fine. I’m not sure I want a stronger bill. I mean, I get taxed enough already, you know?

Where he presides:
Sin Sin, East Village

Favorite drink:
Long Island Iced Tea
I think it’s a good thing. A great thing. I already have insurance, so while it doesn’t directly impact me I’m very happy for the less fortunate. Everyone should have the right to health care. I’m from Canada originally, so anything that gets the American system closer to ours is good by me. It’d be better if the U.S. just adopted a single-payer system like us, but I’m very happy about it.

Where he presides:
Macri Park, Williamsburg

Favorite drink:
Chocolate Milk
It’s hard for me to talk about this, I just got back from two months touring with a rock and roll band. Um, I don’t really care much that a bill got passed. Obama isn’t going to like, come down from the sky and give me health, you know? Like he’s not going to come give me hair, or give me a tan. Or make me funny, or something. See this gap? [Yep.] I pulled that tooth out myself, you see what I mean? That’s how I feel about health care bills.

03/31/10 4:00am
03/31/2010 4:00 AM |

We’ve been trying to start The L Magazine Rockin’ Soul Review for years now. It hasn’t really worked. We’d be sort of a cross between the Plastic Ono Band, The Monkees, and a foursome of middle-aged lady golfers.


Where he presides: Gemma, The Bowery
Favorite drink: Manhattan
I sort of used to be in a band. I was a DJ, so I made music though I wasn’t part of a group. I produced house music, making tracks and working on collaborative tracks with various bands that we would license to labels. Real underground stuff. That was about ten years ago. I still do it a little now, just not as much. It was my choice to leave: it was bad money for bad hours. Plus, there’s less selling out your soul as a bartender.

Where he presides: Local 138, Lower East Side
Favorite drink: Bourbon
It’d be a punk rock band, influenced by the Pixies. They’re my favorite band. I couldn’t have a band though, since I’m not a good singer and can only play the flute, badly. I’ve thought about taking singing lessons, or lessons for playing the cello. That would only be for fun though. It’s not like I would be rocking out on the punk cello or punk flute.

Where he presides: Latitude, Midtown West
Favorite drink: Margarita
I can’t imagine starting a band. I’ve never even thought about it. My favorite bands are MGMT and The Pillars, so I guess it would sound something like them, but I don’t know. As for a name, I guess I’d pick something like a nickname I have for myself, or a phrase I like. Beats me.

Where she presides: Iggy’s, East Village
Favorite drink: Sauza Hornitos, neat
I’m not in a band, for sure. But if I were it would be a girl band called Cyclone Whiplash. Rock and roll!

Where she presides: BBR, Upper East Side
My boyfriend is! They’re called MachineDNA, you can check out videos of their Halloween show on YouTube. He works security at the Yale Club. I’m a model, I’m not in the band. I did a shoot for Cosmo today. I had to kiss this guy, which was kind of awkward. I got my nails done for it, though! If I were in a band, I’d call it The Best You’ve Ever Had.

Where he presides: L’Express, Gramercy
Favorite drink: Tullamore Dew
I have a lot going on as far as that goes. I am in a band called Linfinity. I have no idea what you would categorize the music as. Our first record is coming out this month. It’s called Martians Bloom. Our influences are Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Albert King. We have a song on the record about Tullamore Dew.

03/17/10 1:15am
03/17/2010 1:15 AM |

Where he presides:
Landmarc, Columbus Circle
Favorite drink: Manhattan
That’s tough, because I’m not really a net kind of guy. I get a lot of news online, so is a big one for me. Hmm. Right now I’m thinking through all my bookmarks. is my homepage, but that doesn’t count. I guess I spend a lot of time on MySpace and Facebook; I have accounts at both. Mostly I just go wherever the net takes me, through the links my friends post.

Where she presides:
Hellgate on the Park, Astoria
Favorite drink: Champagne
I’m a shopaholic, so I spend a lot of time on sites for stores that I like, places like Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Victoria’s Secret, stuff like that. Not Amazon or eBay. Amazon doesn’t have good clothes, and I don’t like eBay because PayPal is too big of a pain. I probably buy clothing online at least once a month. My friends say I have too much, but I don’t. For everything I buy, I put three in the poor bag.

Where she presides:
Trash Bar, Williamsburg
Favorite drink: Maker’s Mark on the rocks
There’s that Shit My Dad Says thing. It’s the funniest thing you’ve ever read. Ever. It’s this kid—well, he’s 29—and he’s got 1.9 million fans on Facebook, just for writing down shit his dad says. Now they’re making a pilot of it. William Shatner might be the dad. I also probably spend too much time on, because I don’t have a TV, but I still need to know what’s going on. And I’m into interior design, so that’s a daily thing. Oh, and this great blog called I Am Neurotic and So Are You. I read that every day. I haven’t checked out Texts from Last Night yet, but everyone talks about it, so probably add that to the list of time wasters.

Where she presides:
Satellite Lounge
Favorite drink: Whiskey
Facebook! Oh, Facebook. I feel like way too much of my social life winds up being online. I read The Onion a lot too. And I’m a sports fan, so I read a lot of asshole sports blogs.

Where she presides:
123 Burger Shot Beer, Hells Kitchen
Favorite drink:Blue Moon
Definitely Facebook. I’m addicted to it, and spend more time there than even my e-mail. I like it because all my friends and family are on it, I don’t even use a phone anymore because of Facebook. It’s how I keep in touch with everyone. I go to it probably six times a day to see what all is going on and to check my messages. I probably have like 500 friends. I’m not into any other social networking sites though, especially not Twitter. Facebook is just the most personal.

Where she presides:
Pranna, Flatiron
Favorite drink: Manhattan
Two words: Fail blog. That is all. Enjoy.

03/03/10 1:00am
03/03/2010 1:00 AM |

If we had to pick a favorite place that was like our workplace but that wasn’t actually our workplace, we’d probably go with the intern breakroom at n+1. Those kids are smart! And pretty!

Where she presides:
Forum, Union Square E.
Favorite drink:Walt’s Kindgom

I love the Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel. It’s kinda pricey, and the clientele can be alternately touristy and obnoxious, but the service is flawless, and you feel like you’re stepping into a different era, at least when they retract the TV screens. The best cocktail is the first one on the list, the Walt’s Kingdom. It’s made with orange vodka, St. Germain and fresh mint and it tastes like a birthday party.

Where she presides:
No Malice Palace, Alphabet City
Favorite drink: Jameson
It depends on the mood of the evening and what I’m looking for, but one of my favorites is Scratcher, on 5th Street at the Bowery. I like it because it seems like not a lot of people know about it, and because it’s very laid back. They usually have really good tunes playing from the bartender’s iPod, and the bartenders will chat with you if you seem interested but leave you alone if you’re more interested in catching up with an old friend. There are no TVs either, which I always like in a bar, and the volume level is always a perfect murmur of people hanging at the bar or tables. It never feels truly empty or truly packed.

Where she presides:
Tipsy Parson, Chelsea
Favorite drink:Vodka on the rocks
Bembe in Brooklyn! Or on Sundays, I like the new Boom Boom Room at the Standard. It’s hard to get into, but it’s a beautiful space, and they have absinthe, and ooh! I want to be there every Sunday. The bathrooms are even beautiful, all black lucite and mirrors. I could totally bang someone in those bathrooms.

Where she presides:
Mezzo Mezzo, Astoria
Favorite drink: Grey Goose and soda
Probably Flo Lounge, here in Astoria, on 30th Avenue. They have a really nice ambiance there, though I don’t want to give it too much credit since I think they’re way overpriced. That’s the problem with a lot of places in the city, they charge way beyond your means.

02/03/10 3:00am
02/03/2010 3:00 AM |

A certain editor of this publication is reputed to have proposed marriage to numerous bartenders across this city, repeatedly being declined on his humble offer. He has since found true happiness.

Where she presides:

Ulysses, Financial District
Favorite drink: Jack and Coke
I’m actually in a long-term relationship with a guy who asked me out at a bar I was working at. I didn’t know him, but he found out when I was working and made a point to “run into” me there. It’s been magic ever since. Don’t look so surprised; a lot of people end up with those who ask them out at bars. I still get asked out frequently, and before my current boyfriend I would say “yes,” but only if the guy was really good-looking.

Where she presides:

Frank’s, Fort Greene
Favorite drink: Tequila
Of course. I get asked out all the time. But I don’t say “yes,” I have a rule about never dating clients. I wouldn’t do it under any circumstances, though sometimes I have been tempted. When people ask I have to let them down easy and not be harsh. In a soft way, I say I’m not interested. This is important if they’ve been drinking. It’s not that I feel unsafe about how they might react—after all, there’s a lot of security at bars and sometimes undercover cops… you always have eyes on you.

Where she presides:

Eatery, Upper East Side

Favorite drink: Magners Cider
When I was in my early twenties I definitely went on dates with customers, but nothing amounted from any of them. I get asked out all the time now; when you bring someone a drink they think the ice has been broken. When I’m in a relationship I’m always honest as to my reason for declining. I don’t string them along, even though nine times out of ten you’ll lose a huge tip after they realize they have no chance. That, or they’ll go harder in the hope that you’ll break up with your boyfriend.

Where she presides:
Cheap Shots, East Village
Favorite drink: Tequila
I have done it in the past. I was happy I did, but you have to be really, really careful. It’s the East Village! Everyone wants to sleep with the bartender. It takes a lot to get me into bed.

01/20/10 5:20am
01/20/2010 5:20 AM |

Where he presides:Vodka
Favorite drink:Les Infants Terrible, Chinatown
I love regulars. They’re like family, a community. There really is no such thing as a bad regular in this bar. You build relationships with these people, like you would with anyone you see two or three times a week. That’s about how often it takes to be considered a regular.

Where he presides: The Pony Bar, Midtown
Favorite drink:Heaven Hill with a beer back
I consider someone a regular when I’m comfortable throwing them some sassy remarks. I’m not great with names, but I’ve always been great at remembering people’s drinks, though I can’t do that here because of our wonderfully rotating taps. I like to keep the pack small, so I rarely hang out with regulars outside the bar, though I’m definitely Facebook friends with a ton of them. I’d be lying if I said I’ve never hung out with any, or haven’t in the last month. I’ve been to a housewarming or two, and I’ve definitely tied one on with a couple folks.

Where he presides: Hibernia, Hell’s Kitchen
Favorite drink: Jagerbombs and Guinness
We have an extremely regular bar here, about 80 percent, since our bar is relatively new and most customers are friends and friends of friends. We see them at least once a week, while the hardcore regulars are here as much as the furniture. It’s a given that we know all their drinks, plus variations and shots and what they absolutely won’t drink. I see them all enough during the working week that on my days off I drink in New Jersey by myself, but it’s nice to have a drink and some relaxed conversation with them on my downtime.


Where she presides: Sofrito, Sutton Place
Favorite drink:Ketel and soda
An individual has to come in at least once a week for me to really consider them a regular, but when I do I know his or her name and definitely what they order and how they order it. Sometimes customers can be a bit more high maintenance when they know you, and they’re not necessarily better tippers than non-regulars. Actually, I guess regulars are 20 percenters at least, which is better than your average person, because they know they have to see you again and like you and want great service.

Where she presides: Old Carriage Inn, Park Slope
Favorite drink:Jack Daniels
Good regulars come every day and tip. Bad regulars come every day and don’t tip. Bad regulars sit around for hours and pass gas. Like this guy, at the end of the bar? Nice enough guy, but after six Guinnesses, he’s blowing the place up. Horrible! If you come by and you see the door of the bar open? You know he’s here. We have to air it out, I’m serious.