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(Hailu Mergia and Awesome Tapes From Africa)

Ugh. The holidays were seriously rough. Like New Year’s Eve falling on Wednesday this year probably took years off my life and will most certainly result in a premature end to some of my relationships. But whatever, those people were on my shit list anyway. And hey, just because it’s cold as a witch’s mammary gland and we’re all still hungover,  that doesn’t mean live music is on ice this week. (more…)

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By Bee Hill & Nicole Disser

Fuck yeah, we’re in the home stretch! Our bags are packed and we’re heading home for some much-needed holiday chillness. We’ll be resting and gearing up for the mother of all nightlife, coming at us full-speed next week: NEW YEAR’S EVE. There are many amazing things going on, so we suggest narrowing it down from the following by considering: 1. The vibe you’re looking for (All night dancing? Upping the punx? Pseudo grownup?) and 2. Your price range (New Year’s shit can be so expensive, but there are also really, really fun less-expensive options if you know where to look.) Also, these things WILL sell out, so get your ticket, like uh, yesterday.

No matter what you end up doing: Be safe and have fun! We know there can be a revolting amount of hype around New Years, and although we don’t mean to perpetuate that with this list, we think there really is something special about celebrating another year of humanity’s existence. So gear up to celebrate (If you’re like “Oh yeah, I totally just want to sit in my apartment alone, like any other night. New Years sucks,” you’re lying/ wrong.) but just don’t stress out: surround yourself with good people and good music and the rest will definitely fall into place. Happy New Year, Brooklyn!


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It’s your weekly roundup of parties and shenanigans to ensure you are completely unrested come Monday morning! But, lucky us, we can be even LESS rested than usual because, incase you missed it, Christmas is next week! I for one know I’ll be away hanging with family and doing lots of eating and, admittedly, sleeping (gasp! What else is there really to do in Ohio though?) so we need to get all of the party out of our systems STAT. “Doctor, proceed with the emergency party extraction surgery. I’m aware of the risks.” Have a safe weekend, a happy holiday, and see you freaks at New Years!


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You might think we’d have a thin crop of shows this week, what with yuletide-ings etc., but wowzers, we still managed to find a gaggle of great live happenings around town. Check out our picks for ways to avoid spending time with your family. Or, hey, maybe stop being a jerk, bring your mom and show her a good time for once.


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Yeah, we know it’s winter out. But pull yourself together, it’s only December. For the love of God, ditch the onesie and strap on your boots (not the rain galoshes, please don’t embarrass yourself again, we know you have other weather-proof options) because we’ve got a great lineup of ten shows happening this week worth going out in public for, provided of course that you “like” music.


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Aiming to foster an “intelligent dialogue” on pornography, in a broad sense as well as with specific reference to the relationship between pornography and art, Lynsey G, the curator of Consent, which opens this evening at Apexart, hopes to make public the sorts of discussions that she feels are all too often shrouded in secrecy.

In her words:

I am an advocate for pornography, and I spend a huge amount of time writing, thinking, and talking about it, but I also include myself in the silent “we” of porn consumption. For each of us, the internal space between private moments and public face is different: some distance themselves from porn by joking about it in public; others over-glamorize the industry; many demonize it; still others pretend to know nothing about it (though their internet browsers know better). […]

Though the media informs us that adult entertainment is “mainstream” and that our culture is becoming “pornified,” the topic of personal relationships to porn is still taboo. The space that yawns between what we do and what we say is so empty and quiet that other spaces have opened around it.

Her introductory essay goes into much of this at great length. She talks a lot about spaces. A lot about bodies. A lot about media. And there’s a fairly high count of the plural first-person pronoun, ‘we.’

So it seems like the discussion is already inclusive. And already well underway. Join her for more this evening, from 6-8pm, and mark April 4th on your calendars for the double-feature screening of The Graduate and The Graduate XXX.

Bring a date? Or don’t? What’s the protocol?

Perhaps a worthy question to bring up in tonight’s discussion.

[Image of Sinnamon Love courtesy of via Apexart.]

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