04/23/10 12:30pm
04/23/2010 12:30 PM |

In studies of auteurist cinema, the role of the costume designer often gets overlooked, and… um… Matt Zoller Seitz and Sarah D. Bunting, um, don’t overlook it?

Sorry, let’s try that again.

David Fincher’s Zodiac is a police procedural, a horror movie and a historical epic, but first and foremost, it’s a period piece, an aspect that this video essay… um… explores… sort of.

Oh, hell, why even pretend? This piece is about awesome ties. And sport coats. And Three Dog Night. Enjoy.

01/07/10 3:00pm
01/07/2010 3:00 PM |

“The old formula of committed madness feels apropos here,” says Nicolas Rapold in the current issue of the L, reviewing Flooding with Love for the Kid, Zachary Oberzan’s solo restaging of David Morrell’s novel First Blood, the basis for the Rambo films; Flooding with Love plays for a week at Anthology Film Archives beginning tomorrow, Friday January 8th. In this video essay, Matt Zoller Seitz dissects this D.I.Y. psychodrama. (A transcript of the narration can be found here.)

12/30/09 12:00pm
12/30/2009 12:00 PM |

For this exhaustively subjective reflection on ten years of moviegoing, we solicited suggestions from a number of L critics and friends; the roughly chronological arrangement of clips generally reflects the year of the films’ public premiere, though some films have been grouped with the year of their initial US theatrical run.

For our writers’ reflections on the years that were, see here. And if you see anything we’ve missed, tell us all about it in the comments. Watch Part Two, covering 2005-2009, here.

10/30/09 4:00am
10/30/2009 4:00 AM |

There’s something inherently spooky about the establishing shot: we’re approaching someplace we’ve never been before—whether through killer-cam, point-of-view or objective perspective, and whether glimpsed from a distance or walked through for the first time, it’s that sense of uncertainty that unites these views of some of the most iconic locations of cinematic trauma, whether that location is an old dark house, a motel, a mansion on a hill, a church, a split-level, a torture chamber or a spaceship. See how many you recognize in our video essay, then tell us what we missed in the comments. Happy Halloween, everyone.