06/17/15 8:17am
06/17/2015 8:17 AM |
photo Courtesy of Cinema Guild

The Princess of France
Directed by Matias Piñeiro
Opens June 26 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center

33-year-old Argentinian director Matias Piñeiro is fast becoming a name on the art cinema circuit. That’s a real feat considering how lightly he allows his stories to unfold, how intricately he plays with narrative structure, and how mischievously he situates the Shakespeare comedies at the heart of three of his five fiction films. Like Twelfth Night-influenced Viola two years ago, the new The Princess of France subverts its inviting atmosphere with an oblique style, proving Piñeiro that rare director who can wed the shambolic and the meticulous, the unpretentious and the weighty, the strange and the quotidian.