05/06/15 9:30am
05/06/2015 9:30 AM |
Photo by Arts in Bushwick

Bushwick Open Studios is now nearly a decade old, so it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of it. But just in case, here it is in a nutshell: An all-volunteer-produced festival put together by Arts in Bushwick every year, BOS is a massively interdisciplinary celebration of art and artists that takes place in the ‘Wick (and its general environs) the first weekend of June (this year 6/5-6/7). But since BOS has always proven to be a differently huge beast from one year to the next, it’s likely that you’re curious about what its organizers have in store for you this time around. If so, here’s a bit about that from some reliable sources—the organizers themselves. (more…)