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Exodus: Gods and Kings
Directed by Ridley Scott
Opens December 12

Who knew Sir Ridley had a goofy biblical spectacular in him? The mega-budgeted Exodus: Gods and Kings elicits plenty of (unintentional?) giggles at the start with the casting of John Turturro as a Hebrew-killing pharaoh. But this is actually the rather dynamic and very handsomely mounted tale of the rivalry between the despotic ruler’s son Rhamses (guylined and bronzed-all-over Joel Edgerton) and Moses (charismatic Christian Bale), an adopted child of Egyptian royalty with a most prophetic destiny. Moses supposes (erroneously) that his loyalties lie with the sovereignty. In truth, he is the divinity-dictated leader of the many Judaic slaves (a squandered Aaron Paul and Ben Kingsley among them) longing to resettle in Canaan across the Red Sea.