02/13/15 7:14am
02/13/2015 7:14 AM |

Mr. Grey will see you now.

In the past few years, adaptations of novels like Cloud Atlas, The Great Gatsby, and Inherent Vice have been preceded by talk of whether these books might, due to their complexity or ambition or internal qualities, qualify as “unfilmable.” Consider, though, the challenges faced by the filmmakers behind the adaptation of international bestselling trilogy that begins with Fifty Shades of Grey: an erotic romance, by most accounts terribly written, that began life as Twilight fan-fiction, and during which very little appears to actually happen apart from sex scenes that, if faithfully reproduced, would instantly garner the dreaded NC-17 rating. A moment of appreciation, then, that the film version of Fifty Shades of Grey can, however briefly and vaguely, resemble any kind of life on this planet at all. And, for that matter, that the film, opening today, can include far more sex and nudity than almost any wide release movie of the decade so far.