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Brooklynites could be forgiven for not wanting to watch or even think about basketball right now. The Nets are lousy and there’s no light at the end of the Izod Center tunnel. (As a Toronto resident and Raptors fan still seething about last spring, let me say: Brooklyn, you have whatever the exact opposite of my sympathies would be.) But there’s some genuinely beautiful basketball on display in Canadian-born—and to his credit, Raptors-infatuated—f ilmmaker Brett Kashmere’s From Deep, which makes its New York premiere at UnionDocs at 7:30pm on January 10th and 11th, with Kashmere in person. Gorgeously photographed and edited, it’s an experimental documentary with a mix-tape sensibility—an essay film in thrall to the And-1 Tour.

“I’ve watched a lot of films about basketball and I’m not aware of anything like From Deep,”
says Kashmere. “The closest parallel is maybe the blog FreeDarko, which similarly approached the game through the lens of popular culture, and with an eclectic, highly subjective sensibility. Blogs and mixtapes were two of the early structural metaphors that I had in mind when I first started making the video.”