06/17/15 8:29am
06/17/2015 8:29 AM |

photo courtesy of Broad Green

Directed by Mia Hansen-Løve
Opens June 19

At the risk of raising the ire of EDM militants (and using a somewhat nebulous term of critique), house is not the most cinematic of musical genres. It sounds and feels like background (even to some fans), something that sets a mood and a beat but that accompanies rather than stands alone. So the notion of a film—at one point conceived as two separate installments, à la Che—set in the world of the subgenre of “French touch” didn’t set this heart racing at new rates of BPM. Did I mention the film shares its title with the word for prelapsarian Paradise? In fact, Mia Hansen-Løve’s beguiling Eden blooms into a touching reflection on the dialectics between life, memory, and culture, reaching a depth beyond the apparent reach of the metrical signatures of its chosen music.