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The L Magazine was a free bi-weekly magazine in New York City from 2003-2015, co-founded by brothers Scott Stedman and Daniel Stedman.

In a charming bit of self-criticism, longtime Boston Phoenix film editor Peter Keogh posts his “most awkward interview moments of 2009.” The third and final awkward moment isn’t even really his fault, however: it’s Lars von Trier, talking about Antichrist and digressing unexpectedly from a discussion about therapy to a fascinated, somewhat frightened tribute to Willem Dafoe’s kibble and bits.

The first half of this exchange was included in when the (quite good, revealing) interview was published, in November, but I haven’t seen it quoted very much (though the use of a double for the genital-mutilation scenes had been reported elsewhere). But the unedited transcript Keogh has posted is well worth musing over: