02/11/15 8:48am
02/11/2015 8:48 AM |
Photo by Jane Bruce

818 Woodward Ave, Ridgewood

4 Ls

At first glance, Julia’s is a cute little wine bar albeit with some lovable oddities. It looks and feels like a French brasserie– black and white tile floors, a red and soft white light color palette, round wooden café tables, big picture windows with gold lettering, and Spanish guitar on the speakers– yet it still has the soul of a Ridgewood bar.

Everyone in here seems to be a regular, even though the place has only been open for two weeks. A guy who works in the neighborhood, but said he lives two hours away, comes in often to slump over the somewhat awkwardly high black granite bar (which sort of made us feel kids) and drink fancy beers for fair prices while picking at (and sharing) one of Julia’s charcuterie plates.


02/10/15 5:24pm
02/10/2015 5:24 PM |
(Pawns Self-Titled 7")

So normally I’d be all like rah rah Valentine’s Day is for dweebs or something, but to be perfectly honest this year I’m feeling pretty #blessed about being free of romantic obligations. I can legit strip down to a pair of very unattractive underwear, crack a bag of Cooler Ranch, and spread out on my bedroom floor amongst an array of Crunchwraps (Supreme, BLT Slider, Spicy Chicken–the options they’ve got these days are truly mind-boggling) and like listen to records or something. I won’t be disappointing anyone except myself. (more…)

01/21/15 11:18pm
01/21/2015 11:18 PM |


(Amen Dunes, Cowboy Worship EP, Sacred Bones)

Oh hey, did you miss us on Tuesday? We bet you did. But to be honest this week has been a wild one already– Martin Luther King Day was not spent being productive, we’ll tell you that much. We’ve been playing catchup and have failed to bathe, forgotted to feed our roomate’s fish, and have been literally sleeping in a pile of garbage and dirty laundry since we were trusted with a three day weekend. Never again. So naturally, we thought we’d give ourselves an extra day to gather our wits because chances are you needed one too. Here’s to hoping you made not-like-us and spent the long weekend resting up for all the sick shows happening starting now.