04/17/15 6:37am
04/17/2015 6:37 AM |


Jonah Hill and James Franco have costarred in one previous movie together: This Is The End, a self-kidding apocalyptic comedy where they played ridiculous versions of themselves. Given their mutual connections to Judd Apatow and company, it seems like they should have shared the screen more often; maybe they haven’t because they both, at times, seem to want to get into each other’s lanes. Post-Freaks and Geeks Franco was largely a serious actor; he jumped back into comedy with Pineapple Express back in 2008. Hill, meanwhile, started out in broad comedies before working with Bennett Miller, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, and (next year) the Coen Brothers, scoring two Oscar nominations in the meantime. Now the pair meet again under vastly different circumstances: True Story, opening this weekend, offers a serious lead role for Hill (his two nominations were both in the supporting category) and, well, probably just something Franco did during lunch breaks filming adaptations of William Faulkner and lost John Kennedy Toole manuscripts, or whatever it is he works on during between studio pictures.