04/03/15 9:00am
04/03/2015 9:00 AM |

Furious FiveTen notes from watching Furious 7 after rewatching all six previous Fast and Furious movies and generally being fully on board the Fast and Furious train in a way that didn’t seem at all likely or even possible as late as 2009:

1. One hallmark of the current incarnation of the Fast and Furious film: having a character accurately describe the experience of watching the film. In Fast and Furious 6, Tyrese referred to some of the movie’s story as “007-type shit” (well-put; that is where the series has been migrating over the years); here in the seventh, handler Kurt Russell talks about how the files on Dom (Vin Diesel) and his cohorts are “detailed and extremely entertaining.” Yeah, that about covers it: the Fast and Furious movies have become thick with backstory and soap-opera relationships (along with 007-type shit) while somehow avoiding the tedium that often comes with heavy continuity. They are extremely entertaining, even sometimes when cars aren’t flying through the air, and down mountains, between buildings, and across the sea (the last thing does not happen in Furious 7; consider that my pitch for Fast 8, although then again, maybe take a look at Speed 2 and ignore that pitch).